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Rescuing Rufus

Rescuing 9 month old Penny

Rescuing 9 month old Penny the cat

Date: 29 February 2016
Written by: Daniel Holliday

On a windy Sunday afternoon in Vancouver, B.C, we got a call from a gentleman named Mike down in Surrey. Mike had a 9 month old cat (kitten) that on the first time out of the house had raced up a group of Cedar trees interested in the birds. After a while mike and his wife realized that Penny the cat wasn't coming down, and the more time that went by they realized she was unable to, and scared. Mike called a few tree services who either didn't answer or weren't willing to undertake the task, then called the local fire brigade who came out but were unable to access the trees, they also attempted to scale the Cedar tree but the cat only went higher.

Luckily Dan was available to help little Penny the kitten, who had scaled to the very tip of one of the Cedar trees. Fortunately there was a larger Douglas Fir tree next to the Cedar that Dan could ascend to get above the cat without scaring her, secure a nice high tie in point which enabled him to easily swing across and secure into a comfortable position to help rescue scared little Penny.

Watch the video below of Dan rescuing Penny.