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Rescuing Rufus

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Rescuing Rufus

Date: 28 April 2016
Written by: Daniel Holliday

Late on a Wednesday evening I received a call from a resident in Surrey, B.C who had noticed a cat in a tree behind his house for the last few days, and although the cat wasn't his, he was certain it was a pet and would like me to rescue it.
The following day I called Radek to see if the cat was still in the tree (which it was), I then headed down to Surrey in the hope I could help.
When I arrived at the tree, I soon realized it wasn't going to be easy. Rufus the cat was 45ft up in a rotten Hemlock tree with no large branches for me to get a climbing rope over. After scouting out the nearby trees I figured that the best chance I had would be to ascend one Alder tree, swing to another Alder and finally swing over to the Hemlock tree where I could redirect my climbing system down to where Rufus was.
When I first got to the cat, he seemed nervous and also interested in me, he then got a little frightened and made me chase him down the tree a little before I finally managed to secure him into the bag, and bring him down safely.